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  • Posted on March 21, 2011 at 10:54 am

Since the continuous epidural and the continuous fetal monitor came on the scene 30 years ago, birthing in hospitals has changed at worst from women (nurses) supporting birthing women, at their side, using proven a miriad of comfort measures,  to staff  “monitoring” a birthing woman’s progress based on mechanical, electonic data….from another room yet. At best we are frightening generations of women into thinking they need to be numb and incapacitated in order to make their passage into motherhood.  So “Maybe” is a good way to go.  The epidural has been too universally accepted as OK for everyone, yet it doesn’t always work and opens the doors to more, often avoidable medical interventions. The terrific Blog called Birth with Confidence is running a series of entries on the goods and bads of epidurals by a very qualified medical professional: Dr. Michael Klein. Every woman should be fully aware of what she is accepting for herself and her baby, when accepting an epidural. With work and reframing your vision of birth in advance of birth this “Maybe” can turn into a “No” for you. Birthing women….you are just having a baby…..not embarking on a major medical procedure…unless that is what you want…. Read this first Blog entry: Epidurals: Food for Thought.  If you want more information go to Childbirth Connection and view their information on ‘Labor Pain’ . Then look at all of your alternatives for Empowering, Positive, Support for Birth.