June 20, 2010: Prepared Childbirth comes back to the Santa Ynez Valley.

 LynDee Rankin, LCCE offers excellent instruction and support for our local pregnant women.  Our future Moms do not have to drive out of the Valley to attend the quality education they deserve and desire. Since babies are cannot be birthed at Santa Ynez Hospital, prospective mothers travel to Santa Maria, Lompoc or Santa Barbara for prenatal education provided by a hospital.  LynDee’s classes offer the convenience of attending evening meetings, right near home and the quality instruction offered only by an independent educator rather than the hospital. Women and couples can meet and learn with neighbors with whom they can share and reconnect after their babies are born. She is also able to provide private instruction for those with special needs.

In today’s culture of medically managed birthing and women frightened by the prospect of pain in birth, LynDee offers up-to-date information on evidence-based birth practices: how women can work with their body’s and baby’s natural processes and instincts to birth as safely and comfortably as they can.  In our country’s current push towards healthcare reform, helping women to take back and celebrate birth as a normal process, can reduce healthcare costs for the industry and the family.  LynDee is certified by Lamaze International and supports their Approach to Birth and health Birth Practices ****, however, with her years of experience, her curriculum incorporates many philosophies and approaches of birth to support the varying needs and desires of women. Every woman and every labor is unique and the key to positive outcomes is to be prepared with a wide breadth of knowledge and applicable practices from which to draw.

LynDee states that with support in the form of awareness, alternatives, self calming skills and techniques, a woman has the prowess to take charge of and facilitate a healthy experience for herself and her baby in any birthing environment she chooses. She strongly believes in the inclusion of an informed birth partner in preparation and birth, and her teachings provide a clear roadmap for him/her to support the laboring woman. Her program addresses common roadblocks and interventions through discussion on how to avoid them and when to embrace them. Birth is not a condition to be managed or overcome, even with minor complications. It is an experience to be embraced and experienced with inner wisdom and wonder.

LynDee assists practice and personal adaptations of a myriad of meditation, relaxation, movement, focusing and breathing skills for pregnancy, birth and beyond. It is LynDee’s passion and goal to help women face childbirth without fear and work with, not against their bodies in “letting their babies be born.” She affirms that a positive birth journey experienced by a woman improves her relationship with her child and the ease at which she takes on her role as a mother.

Every woman has within her the intuitive power and wisdom to safely and effectively birth her baby, if she understands and accepts the process for what it is and the empowering and wholesome experience it can be for she and her baby.  There is no one way to approach this beautiful passage into motherhood. Each woman must make it her own, but it is best done with understanding and readiness.  LynDee offers small group classes in her Santa Ynez home or private instruction as needed.

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