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It is amazing in today’s world of easy access to information, how little women really know about birth when they begin labor. They are not seeking out women’s collective knowledge on birth, but are relying on the medical profession to direct them.  Their birthing journeys often end less than satisfying and safe.  Regardless of the medical profession’s general lack of confidence in birth and desire to ‘manage’ birth with medical interventions, there are still mentors in your community passionate about empowering you with the truths about giving birth peacefully and with self-confidence and with long proven birthing skills, not experiments in the latest medical technique.

I am a Lamaze® Certified Childbirth Educator and a Certified Lactation Specialist in Santa Ynez.  I follow the Lamaze certified instructors’ standards of small class size, content, objectivity and ethics in my classes promoting calm and confidence, supported by informed birth choices and a broad spectrum of birthing approaches from around the world.  My years of teaching and continuing education enhance my quality curriculum and my expert presentation techniques. I now offer this to the women of the Santa Ynez Valley: Santa Ynez, Buellton, Los Olivos & Solvang and anyone – online.

To truly prepare for birth, acquiring knowledge and confidence and enhancing the supportive relationship between pregnant women and their partners, there is nothing better than the proven small group Lamaze class; pillows, blankets, birthing balls and all.”

-Lyn Dee

I am an experienced educator, having taught children and adults since 1976 in multiple areas of Health Education and served on educational boards. As an independent, non-hospital birth instructor,  I have prepared hundreds of couples for safe and normal births, and have had both a vaginal birth and a cesarean birth, and breastfed both of my children.

The void of quality, informed childbirth classes for pregnant women in the Santa Ynez Valley, has driven me to offer normal birth childbirth courses and lactation support for area residents. With the small birthing population these courses are intimate and flexible, with much person attention to my clients’ needs. I am very supportive of Doulas as birthing support, but teach fathers at birth as a most optimal choice for a Guardian of Birth.

I continue to keep abreast of birthing practices locally and nationwide and maintain an active membership in Lamaze International. I want to help YOU to birth in a confident, normal way with minimal medical intervention that might bring complications or harm to you or your baby.

Lamaze is a registered trademark of Lamaze International.


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  1. Liz says:

    Lyn Dee, I had to write and say Hi. I met you when you were our Lamaze instructor in Irvine over 33 years ago when pregnant with my first child, As a result of the class, my husband Stu and I have stayed very close friends with another couple we met in the class, Dr. Eric and Amy Rypins. He was the one that was often interrupting you to share additional information. We had dinner together last weekend (they live in Carlsbad, we live in Corona Del Mar) and we shared with our other friends how we met. Then, we thought about you and wondered what you were up to. Amy looked you up and sent me this. You look fantastic! I was glad to see you are still working with parents as I will never forget the experience of that class. We now have 3 children, 33, 30, and 28. I hope all is going well for you!
    Liz Silverman

    • admin says:

      Dear Liz,
      I just found this liked to my website. Hello!!! I actually kind of remember you! Yes, I quite teaching Lamaze for a number of years, then after my daughter got pregnant, I looked into it again and discovered it is my true passion in life – sharing for success. We not live in Santa Ynez, CA (up by Solvang) and we own a very tiny winery, Imagine Wine. (www.imaginewine.com) We have a tastingroom – if you are ever our way, come by and have some wine!!!

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