MY FACEBOOK PAGES for information and comment: Confident Childbirth – Lamaze OR Breastfeeding: Santa Ynez

The following resources have been screened by me and I feel they and their information are supportive of women interested in a natural approach to birth & parenting.


Doula information may be found at Central Coast Doula Assoc.    805-202-3001

Midwifery options may be found at Santa Barbara Midwifery:  805-563-0348. In home births are available.

Our one option for an out of hospital birth center  is NOW OPEN!:


For more information about the organization through which I am certified:

A great blog to sign up for is

A very complete and active website which promotes choices and enjoyable birth is (sign up for the Top Three Tips to Enjoy your Birth) and

National advocacy for mother-friendly maternity care and a link to The Birth Survey can be found at

Evidence-based articles on birthing topics are available at

VBAC information can be found at

Some of the best breastfeeding information is from La Leche League:, and Santa Barbara La Leche League is

New Baby information is offered at and

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